3 tips to return to sports safely


Whether due to an injury that has prevented you from practicing sport or because you have spent some time without doing it, it is essential to do it wisely to avoid incurring major damage. That is why I bring you a few tips to return to sport safely.

(Note: I am not a personal trainer or anything like that, but I hope they can help and serve you. Most of them are common sense but it’s not a bad thing to go over).

First of all, warm up properly, stretch your muscles and joints well before starting an exercise whether it is athletic or with heavy loads. The last thing you want in the middle of your workout is to have to stop because of tightness and/or soreness.

Not only because of the loss of efficiency of stopping or having to reduce the intensity, that’s the least of it. But for the fact of incurring major injuries or promote greater wear of the body (Ironical to seek to care for and / or enhance your body and end up wearing it prematurely by not doing things right).

Second, regardless of the reason that led you to pause your exercises, the most sensible thing to do is to resume them little by little, letting the body readapt to the loads and intensities, without abruptness.
The body is wise and has memory, if you do things well and calmly it will not take long to return to the optimal rhythms of your routine. There is no need to force the machinery to try to recover the lost time, with that you will only get injured. Remember, the straight path is not always the fastest.

And finally, get a good night’s sleep. It seems obvious and redundant, but the fact of resting properly helps the body to recover, especially after intense exercise.
In addition, we will be able to promote the growth of muscle mass, since during rest the body repairs tissues damaged by intense exercise (such as those performed in the gym).

Besides, beyond the physical benefits of rest, we will also take advantage of the mental part. And it is that, among many things, we will wake up more lucid. Or in short, with more mental energy.

I hope these tips, despite being somewhat obvious, will help you. And as usual, I encourage you to participate in the comments section with your own tips 😉

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