Healthy habits to start in 2022


We all end the year wanting to make new habits of all kinds, some are more spiritual, others more material, others more related to health… But ultimately rare is the person who does not end the year considering a short list of things you would like to do and / or change.

So why not bring you a short list of healthy habits to get you started this Christmas in the run up to 2022.

Plant a tree. And yes, it may sound like a cliché (and maybe it is), but why not start by doing a good deed for our home, the planet earth. Not only will you be contributing a small grain of sand, but you may end up discovering a world you love, gardening.

Because not only planting the tree is the habit (since that is only a small part), but the fact of taking care of it, watering it and making sure it grows is the real habit.

Eat healthier. And since we are going to start with topics, why not continue a little more. And it is not so far-fetched to think about starting this habit, especially when we tend to get into the habit of eating poorly and at odd hours. Generally for convenience or because we do not have time some days, but the fact is that we usually resort to junk food and very caloric that do not exactly do good to your body.

You can start by simply eliminating that type of food (you know what they say: if you don’t buy it, it’s not in the fridge, if it’s not in the fridge it’s more difficult for you to resort to it, because you would be forced to go out exclusively to buy it). Don’t forget to replace it with healthier alternatives and little by little you will build the habit of eating healthier.


Read more. It seems like I’m only going to resort to the most common things, but in fact reading is one of the best habits you can build. Whether you read fiction books or books with a more educational character, reading helps us to concentrate better, as well as to enhance our vocabulary.

Learn a new skill. Whether intellectual or physical, learning a new skill can open up a range of new opportunities. Whether you want to expand your skills within your work environment, or you want to start down a new career path, even if you’re just looking to enrich your mind with a hobby, learning new things can go a long way in helping you find what you love.

Expand your comfort zone. The comfort zone is called like that, because it’s comfortable to be there, but it will only make you feel stagnant in the long run. You can get out of your comfort zone in different areas of your life, whether you want to be a more sociable person, or you want to take more risks in your life… Everyone should be aware of what they fear, lack or need to improve and start working on it. In addition, it is not necessary to do it all at once (in fact it is counterproductive because it can overwhelm you), but with small steps. Every advance is an achievement.

Reduce negativity and self-centeredness. This is something I am personally working on, because lately I feel that I radiate negativity both in my own thoughts and in the way I express myself. And don’t get me wrong, reducing negativity is not about becoming ‘Mr wanderful’ and forcibly living in a super positive world, that’s not very healthy either. Life is a roller coaster and you have to know when it’s a happy moment and when it’s not, in order to appreciate the ones that are.

But we can work on reducing the negative thoughts that border on toxicity and do not contribute anything, as well as egocentricity, because we all like to be the center of attention from time to time, but if you only eclipse others and conversations focus on the self…. It won’t add much to the equation. What’s more, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been able to marvel at thousands of great stories just by listening, it’s an exercise I highly recommend.

There are many more habits that we can implement, but I can’t list them all or the list would be endless. Moreover, I encourage you to use the comments section to contribute your grain of sand with a habit that you have implemented or that you want/will implement in your day to day life 😉.

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