How to save money by reducing ant expenses


What are ant expenses?

Ant expenses are those that, being generally unnecessary, can take away from us in small amounts of money day by day. Becoming considerable amounts at the end of the month and the year. Normally we do not usually pay attention to these or we do not give them greater importance given their amount.

In this post we will show you which are the most common and how to reduce and/or eliminate them.

Which are the most common and how can I reduce them?

  • Coffee: It is usually the most common, who has not had a coffee on the way to work or once arrived at work? A daily coffee can mean a little money at the end of the year.

There is an easy solution, reducing its consumption or bringing it from home can be two of the most plausible options.

  • Eating out: No need to cook, clean up… Convenient, right? While eating out once in a while doesn’t hurt, eating out on a regular basis, either for convenience or because you’re on a lunch break during work can be a pretty big deal.
  • Meals at delivery: As in the previous one, we may be lazy to cook and decide to order food at home. However, it can be expensive at the end of the month if we decide to do it regularly.

For things like eating out or ordering in, the only way to reduce spending is to simply use fewer such services.

  • Subscriptions: Netflix, HBO, Disney+… Nowadays it is very rare to watch television. We tend to resort to these other types of on-demand entertainment platforms which involve a fixed monthly fee.

About subscriptions, it’s simple, keep the ones you use the most and therefore get the most out of them. Wouldn’t it be absurd to pay for a soccer package to watch just one game? Well, the same applies to the rest of the subscriptions.

  • Electricity bill: It is unavoidable, we all need electricity to function in our lives, but… Are you using it correctly or are you wasting light on dispensable things? Using it correctly means an important saving.

The issue of the electricity bill is a bit more tricky, because in Spain, for example, we have a regulated market and a free market. And the mere fact of choosing one or the other depending on the needs of each one can make us pay more or less. But if there is something clear regardless of the rate you choose:

  1. Choose the right power. If you choose less than this, the automatic will constantly trip if there is a voltage peak. And if you choose more, you are going to pay a plus every month just to have extra power, that you will not be able to take advantage of correctly beyond avoiding that the automatic jumps. Finding the balance is not difficult, there are many tools on the internet that help you to find what best suits you.
  2. Reduce unnecessary consumption such as: leaving the light on if you are not going to be in the room, leaving the computer or TV on when you are not using it…
  • Internet and mobile: Nowadays it is very necessary to have internet, many procedures are done online or even because you work remotely. But maybe it is not very coherent to have infinite GB…

There is also a simple solution for this, contract what you use, no more, no less. Why do you need unlimited GB and unlimited calls if you only use 10GB and hardly call? Just reduce the services to those that fit your requirements.

  • Extra shopping treats: At any given moment it’s time to restock the pantry and the fridge, and getting it right or wrong can be divided by a fine line.
  • Impulsive purchases: That beautiful watch that you have your eye on, maybe that new console that you want so much, maybe those sneakers that you’ve been wanting for so long… Treat yourself to a luxury from time to time is not bad, but you have to know when to do it and when not to do it.

Extra shopping treats and impulse purchases… They can play a dirty trick if we are not attentive, either those sweet treats that you do not need in your shopping cart, or that expensive watch that you crave … To indulge up to a certain limit is fine, but be careful not to overdo it, it’s useless that expensive watch if because of it that month you have to eat pasta and rice for not being able to cover other nutritional areas.

  • Bank fees and loans: Whether it’s because your bank has certain fees or because you’ve needed a loan, banks can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t get it under control in time.

For this swampy ground of bank fees and/or loans there are solutions. For the former there can be an easy solution as long as you are not tied to the bank with things like loans and so on. As simple as looking for an online bank with no fees can save you some headaches.

But if what you have are loans, insurance… Things get a little more complicated, because we can’t get rid of the tie that binds us to the bank until we pay off the loan. What you can do is pay off the loan as soon as possible or if you have insurance, look for other insurances so that when the permanence is over you can go to a cheaper one. (Remember that many annual insurances are automatically renewed, you will have to request the non-renewal manually, I advise you to do it a couple of months in advance so you don’t get your fingers caught).

  • Smoking and drinking: These can be among the worst, as addiction can be stronger than willpower. However, they can make us lose a lot of money at the end of the month, especially if consumption is high.

For the latter, it is easier to give advice than to follow it… Well, I understand that there can be a strong addiction that prevents you from detaching yourself, even if it implies considerable economic losses. I know some cases of not being able to make ends meet but you can not miss the tobacco… Here I can only recommend that either you reduce your consumption if the addiction is strong or if you have enough willpower you leave it for good. For it is only something that harms you, not only economically but also in terms of health.

And that’s all, I have tried to be as brief as I could while I have tried to detail each point very well. If you have reached these lines I thank you for the time spent in reading them and I encourage you to be part of TrueMen as well as to leave constructive criticism that can help to improve. 🙂

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