Learn how to protect yourself from the winter cold


Winter is coming… Well, actually it has been with us for a while now, at least in Spain. But it is now, between December and January that, in Europe at least, temperatures drop much more than in November. What’s more, rare is the day that we don’t have to scrape ice off the car window.

That got me thinking about the things I usually do to try to quell the cold and I want to share them with you.

The first, the most logical and common one: wrap up warm… But in layers.

Everyone knows that the first thing to do when the cold weather arrives is to wrap up warm, but there are very cold days when it is not enough with just a jacket, and that’s when my advice comes into play: Wear layers.

  • The first layer has to be garments that prevent sweating. Because when the sweat dries is when we can get cold.
  • The second layer has to be a layer that keeps the heat we generate well in order to be warm and comfortable.
  • And finally, the third layer must be clothing that repels wind and, if possible, water. What we commonly call windbreaker jacket in Spain.
  • With these three layers we only have to worry about the extremities: hands, feet, head…. Here there is no greater trick than wearing gloves, thick socks + high sneakers and hat + scarf. With the complete set, it would be rare to be cold in non-extreme climates.

    Protect your skin from drying out

    With the low temperatures it is normal for the skin (especially hands) to dry out if exposed to the elements. Nothing better than keeping the skin as moisturized as possible, how? With creams. There are all kinds of creams for all types of body parts. Try to use them specifically in the areas where they are recommended, if it’s hands then hands, if it’s face then face. Wouldn’t you use shampoo where you use gel and vice versa? That’s the same thing.

    Nothing better than a chocolate in winter time…

    And there is nothing better for the body with low temperatures than a good cup of chocolate or tea, right?

    A hot drink can help you in those moments when you are indoors and still have that cold feeling running through your body.

    Avoid sudden temperature changes

    Of course, do not go from one extreme to the other. Nothing better for your body as to go gradually, because sudden changes in temperature do not sit well at all. For example, when someone has hypothermia, do not give him heat all at once, because that could seriously hurt him, but do it progressively.

    Following this premise, try to make the changes as gradual as possible.

    And those are my tips to fight the cold, you can leave yours in the comments section! 🙂

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