Terms and conditions of use

By accepting this terms and conditions of use you compromise to follow the community rules of use of TrueMenMag.com

1. The user compromise to comply with the terms and conditions of the website community, as well as the local (Madrid), national (Spain) and international rules.

2. The user admits to being 14 years of age or older during account registration. Committing to prove it with a legal document if required.

3. The user agrees not to impersonate another person or company/organization, which may constitute a crime of identity theft under the Spanish Penal Code.

4. The user compromise to have a correct language in the comments section (remember, we are gentlemen no kids), avoiding doing offensive comments to other users or using bad words.

5. The user accepts not to publish external links without the consent of the administrator.

6. It’s not allowed to use the nickname or avatar as a means of promotion or advertising of products, services, affiliate programs or websites, in case they contain advertising or have commercial purposes. It is also not allowed to use a signature or avatar containing offensive content towards another user, nudity, or any content gore/disgusting.

7. The use of this website as a means to organize attacks or spam to any type of service (forums, websites, etc) is not allowed. Such content may be deleted and accounts that violate this rule may also be banned. On the other hand, it is not allowed to collude with other users who plan attacks against this website, whether they are organized inside or outside of it.

8. We do not accept messages with threats, serious insults or any other type of comment that may intentionally offend the sensibilities of the addressee. In such a case, we reserve the right to notify the relevant authorities.

9. The admin and/or mods have the right to remove, edit, move or close any content and/or user account that violates any of the rules and obligations described in these terms of use that may be considered inappropriate by the website owner.

Remember, the community rules can be changed, modified or updated in any moment. The user should check this page regularly.

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